The Gift of Truth

Jesus tell us that the Truth will set us free. Jesus tell us that He is The Way the Truth and the Life.

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let's move

Two truths and a lie 





The Gift of Food

Jesus ate with outcasts and sinners

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let's move

make breakfast together 

make arepas together 

play fruit salad game 

memory game with fruit on table 


Healing through food

tell me about your favourite meal 
who do you like to eat with? 
I wonder how healing can come through food or eating together? 
I wonder why Jesus ate with people no one else wanted to eat with? 
How do you feel when a friend comes to eat with you at lunchtime?

Bible Story

The Eucharist, The Loaves and the Fishes, Jesus and Zacheuss, I am the Bread of Life

Julieta healed individuals with her food. Jesus brings healing to us through food. When he ate with Zacheuss and others in Scripture he restored their dignity and healed them. In the feeding of the 5000 Jesus demonstrated that there is always enough food for everyone. in the Eucharist we find healing and wholeness of life as we feed on Jesus. Jesus also said:  'I am the bread of life' and those who feed on Jesus will never be hungry again. We are healed through relationship with Jesus.  Any of these themes or stories can be used to talk about food and healing as demonstrated by Julieta in Encanto.  Enjoy!