Messy Church


Messy Church

Messy Church is an international movement started in The United Kingdom by Lucy Moore. It seeks to provide space for families (of all shapes and sizes) to learn about Jesus in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Through a shared meal, crafts, games, singing and worship, the message of God's love is creatively taught and experienced by all who are present.


About Messy Church

Messy Church (MC) is a non-traditional, child-friendly way of being church that focuses on building community and introducing people to Jesus. MC aims to create the opportunity for adults and children to enjoy expressing their creativity, sit down together to eat a meal, experience worship and have fun within a church context.

What we love about Messy Church is that you never have to be perfect! Our hair can be uncombed. We can make noise. WE can show up in our pajamas. We can be sad, or anxious or lonely. Or, we can take the time to rejoice in God, exploring our miraculous creativity through Play-Doh, paint, and expression of our feelings.